Residential Masonry Services

Are you searching for masonry experts capable of improving both the safety and aesthetics of your home in Southeastern, PA, New Jersey and Delaware?

Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Turn to the pros here at Southbrook Masonry, where customer service is the keystone to our business!

Since 1989, we’ve been making our customers’ visions a reality! Along with customer service, we also emphasize safety and superior craftsmanship at each job site. Our technicians don’t only build strong, captivating designs, but also healthy relationships with each customer. At Southbrook Masonry, we understand that an open line of communication is essential to the successful completion of any project. That’s why we’ll listen closely as you express your needs and desires, and then work hard to implement long lasting solutions using only the best products.

Here’s a list of the materials that we use regularly for local projects:
Brick. Our technicians have experience installing all types of bricks, from standard, decorative and utility to thin brick, veneer and jumbo. We can also build different types of drainage systems and flashings with cavity wall systems.
Block. You name it, we’ve built it; regardless of whether it serves a structural or decorative purpose, your design will stand strong for many years to come!
Split face block. We work with all varieties, from polished, glazed and fire-rated to lightweight and standard. The technicians at Southbrook Masonry have the right equipment for the correct placement of grout in a block wall, and also for the reinforcement necessary to ensure the integrity of a structure.
Cast stone. Through partnerships with manufacturers, we can install different types of cast stone products, including water tables, cornices, bands, caps and much more.
Cultured stone. The durability and aesthetically pleasing design of cultured stone makes it a frequently sought after product for residential masonry projects.
Without a doubt, you can have confidence in the safety, customer service and craftsmanship of the experienced technicians at Southbrook Masonry! With advanced technology, high quality products and exceptional creativity, you can count on us to exceed your expectations. When it comes to a masonry job, make sure you choose the pros!

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